Finish Renu Car Care Products

Renu Chem Inc. is based in Corona, California. We are a family owned manufacturing and supply company for the automotive aftermarket industry. We pride ourselves in providing premium quality automotive products and accessories. We offer over 28 years of experience with product research and development as well as an advanced background in automotive reconditioning, sales and customer service.

Finish Renu Car Care Products is a division of Renu Chem Inc. Finish Renu Car Care was created for the automotive industry with the intention of providing professional quality customer service and exceptional products to our customers. Stemming from our vast experience in the industry for 28 years and using, selling and manufacturing some of the larger well know names in the industry, we have decided to use their strengths and grow from their oversights.

As our growth continues to move forward into the automotive reconditioning after market, are resources will be devoted to ensure we are the most service orientated and innovative company in the industry. We will continue to develop new products for the ever changing automobiles as well as our vigilance to maintaining our ever changing environment.

With respect to the environment, we are a green company looking out for your future. We manufacture our products in conjunction with state regulatory laws and also the need to preserve all of our natural resources throughout the world. Our line consists of “green” products within each of our product categories.

Our staff at Finish Renu Car Care Products are well trained and dedicated to provide effective product knowledge and customer support. We offer various types of programs for those interested in distributorship opportunities worldwide as well as our private label program.

We at Finish Renu Car Care Products thank you for your interest in our product line and trust you will appreciate the newest in innovations we have to offer. We look forward to serving you now and in the years to come.