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EZ Shine Wax - 32 oz.
Our Price: $9.95

EZ Shine Wax is a Polymer and Carnauba liquid spray wax. EZ Shine creates an incredible shine and depth to any painted surface. Ez Shine not only works on painted surfaces but you can also apply it to windows, plastic and slmost anything needing a fresh coat of wax without the hassle of leaving residue behind from traditional cream waxes. You can also use EZ Shine to remove dust, fingerprints and water residue leaving behind a flawless shine.
Inferno Spray Wax - 16oz.
Our Price: $10.00

Spray Wax is a synthetic detail spray wax and clay lubricant spray. It can be used on paint, glass, plastic and chrome to produce an incredible shine with depth. Spray Wax is formulated using Brazillian Carnauba wax and specialty polymers that will gently remove dust, fingerprints, and smudges leaving behind a flawless shine and protection.
Speedy Shine Wax - 12 oz.
Our Price: $12.95

Our Speedy Shine Wax was created to make it easy to keep your most precious toys looking slick and clean. It can effectively remove dirt and from from any surface by lifting away contaminates with its powerful foaming action. Our easy on / easy off Speedy Shine Wax can be applied to your cars, boats, RVs, motorcycles or personal watercraft without water for a quick and glossy clean -- leaving behind a protective coating and brilliant shine. Our Speedy Shine Wax cleans, polishes and protects against UV rays and has a pleasant smell. We recommend using a microfiber towel with Speedy Shine Wax to avoid scratches.
Dry Wash - 32oz
Our Price: $13.00

Dry Wash is a non-porous surface cleaner and polish, enriched with polymers to protect the surface without the use of any water. Dry Wash lubricates the surface to create a car wash solution that does not require rinsing.
Renu Finish 3.0 - 32oz
Our Price: $15.00

Renu Finish 3.0 is a light/mild synthetic compound formulated to effectively remove 3000+ sand scratches and other surface imperfections. Renu Finish 3.0 is Body Shop Safe and contains no silicone, wax or false fillers. This highly effective product leaves no excess residue on the finish after polishing, which makes clean up easy.
Speed Wax - 32oz
Our Price: $15.00

Speed Wax is a liquid express wax which is fortified with polymers and carnauba wax. Speed Wax quickly removes minor oxidation and hides minor surface scratches. The result is a brilliant polished surface, color depth and lasting protection. Speed Wax is ideal for dark color finishes and is California VOC Compliant.
Super Duty Compound - 32oz
Our Price: $15.00

Super Duty Compound contains various grades of abrasive liquid materials to aggressively cut heavy oxidation and dead paint quickly. Super Duty Compound is a Body Shop Safe product.
Inferno Cream Wax - 16oz.
Our Price: $15.00

Cream Wax is fortified with specialty polymers and Brazillian carnauba wax. Cream Wax quickly removes minor surface oxidation and minor surface scratches while offering protection. The result of Cream Wax is a brilliant polished surface, color depth and lasting protection.
Inferno Metal Polish - 16oz.
Our Price: $15.00

Inferno Metal Polish was specifically developed for aluminum, Diamond plate, chrome, brass, copper, silver and magnesium components. Metal Polish cleans, protects, and polishes in one easy step with out any harsh abrasives. Use Metal Polish if your surface is dull, oxidized, acid or salt stained, rusted, neglected and in need of serious help.
One Step - 32oz
Our Price: $17.00

One Step was created specifically for those who need to clean and wax, all in one easy step. We use various grades of fine abrasives along with high grade silicone and polymers for protection. This is why we refer to this product as our one step polish & wax.